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Headway Technology Materials Co., Ltd.

Film Applications Division
Resin Division
Electronic Materials Division

Hsinchu County 303, Guangfu Road, Hsinchu Industrial Park, No. 71

TEL . +886-3-597-8899
FAX . +886-3-597-8969

Shanghai Xinyu Resin Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Xinyu reinvestment Headway group, was founded in 1994 (Songjiang District). Xinyu main company in the integration of Taiwan and Shanghai Resin Division R & D and production resources, focus on leather resin (slurry) production and marketing, providing all kinds of leather industry in the Greater China region slurry solution.

Wet synthetic leather and split leather with PU resin
PU / PVC combination skin, split leather, leather surfacing agent
PU crosslinking agents and accelerators
PU leather palm Pre-treatment with resin
Vacuum metallizing primer
Waterproof coating resin
PVC rolling PU resin
Flocking PU resin
Ink with a PU resin
Waterborne PU resin, crosslinking agents and additives

Shanghai Songjiang New Town, Fu Bin Road号
TEL . +86-21-57892258
FAX . +86-21-57891226
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Headway Polyurethane (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Headway Polyurethane (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a corporation in 2003 Headway key investment projects, in the cosmopolitan Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Zone of (the park consists of the world's 100 largest enterprises stationed). Transplant first phase mainly Taiwanese green plastic - thermoplastic polyurethane grain production and marketing, services in the Greater China synthetic leather, shoe materials, industrial goods industry markets, and to enter the international efforts.

Injection Processing Level
Extrusion Processing Level
Rolling processing level
Blown Film Processing Level
Dissolved into solution type resin - solvent-soluble
Next Level
Plastic alloy grade

Jiang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China

TEL . +86-21-64140800
FAX . +86-21-54131200
E-mail .

Headway Advanced Materials(Vietnam)Co.,Ltd
Headway Technology Materials (Vietnam) Limited liability corporation in 2004 Headway preparations reinvested professional hardener manufacturer. Headway in the past 20 years, as a hardening agent in Taiwan market pioneer and market leader. The company specializes in producing from Headway hardener sophisticated technology and sophisticated manufacturing equipment for the production of hardener to Southeast Asian markets our customers.

PU hardener
PU resin, adhesive
Vacuum plating resin, laminating, gluing PU resin

Dong Nai Province, Vietnam Nhon Trach Industrial Zone, Nhon Trach five road 319B
TEL . +84-61-560236
FAX . +84-61-560237