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About HuiYu

Found in 1993, Shanghai Huiyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd is subordinated to Taiwan Headway Chemicals Group and engages in the production of PU paint, synthetic surface paint, court paint, waterproof paint, floor paint, wooden ware paint and a variety of PU color cream. Our company has obtained Grade-1 certification of specialist contractor of sports sites construction and is qualified for undertaking the construction of immense stadiums and projects in the industries of sports, such as stand seats, display screen, audio power amplifier, illumination, natatorium, bike track, electrical system and other sports-related projects, as well as general playground track, court and artificial turf etc.
Over twenty-year’s development, three kinds of our company’s PU track have been authorized by IAAF, i.e. mixed type (Lesutan P), sandwich system (Lesutan S) and spray coating system (Lesutan V). Our company, with the track awarded with IAAF’s class 1 and class 2 certifications, has been designated as the sole official supplier by Chinese Athletic Association. Currently, the brand-“Lesutan” of our company has been renowned both at home and abroad.
The products of Lesutan have been sold to more than 20 countries globally, of which the sales volume is being increasingly enlarged. Unrivalled quality makes our company stand out and become the supplier of plastic playground of the assistance projects undertaken by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.
Our company has engaged a group of experienced paint technology R&D personnel to constantly develop new products, optimized products and environmental-friendly products which have been authorized with EU CE certification.
Our company has the world’s most advanced construction machinery and equipment on sites and a bulk of experienced engineering personnel, and implements strict process management as well as construction process, making our company get great acclaimed in the industry regarding to construction of the first class playground globally.
Currently, our company, holding the idea of “Good Quality, Advanced Technology, Professional Service and Experience”, has become a leader in the industry competition. Nonetheless, the entire staff of our company will put into practice to repay various circles for their kindness with a service spirit of “Persistent Advance, Steady Efforts and Greater Perfection”.